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The shift of responsibility from organization to individual, a key feature of late capitalism, has significant implications.

Individuals are supposed to be unfettered innovators at work, while managing the mundane details of their pensions and health plans. Workers are simultaneously responsible for work projects and for themselves as projects. Here, where work and health collide, in the front offices and on the warehouse floors, is one of the key ways in which people, in the guise of workers, feel capitalism. She coauthored Busier Than Ever! Darrah and J.

Aboriginal perspectives on wellbeing

Detailed and enjoyable to read, this monograph is a fine demonstration of the anthropologist's ability to challenge static social science categories. English-Lueck's text strips away economistic myopia and highlights with aplomb the human consequences of living and working in the Bay area and beyond. This book is especially timely when the issue of national health insurance is so much at the fore.

By showing how corporations' organization of production affects workers' health decisions, it highlights the inadequacies and costs of our current system" —Janet Ore, Technology and Culture.

(PDF) Human Pursuit MHC SF Egyptian youth | Marei Salama-Younes -

Personal narratives vividly recount how age cohorts—from adolescents to the adult workforce and beyond—define and deal with health, work, and careers. Highly recommended. Personal narratives bring vividly to life the generational differences in perspectives toward work and health, as well as illuminate the diversity and complexity of the shared environment in which these lives are led. Being and Well-Being raises important questions regarding the changing nature of work, of healthcare, of personal agency, of social networks, of cultural pluralism and of social justice, to name only a few.

Current research collaboration with colleagues from seven countries on the project "Cross-Cultural Investigation of Eudaimonic Happiness".

The Effect of Leisure Activities on Life Satisfaction

Chair of the Scientific Committee in organizing 4th European Conference in Positive Psychology and member of the scientific Committee of the 5th European Conference in Positive Psychology, to be held in Denmark in Co-author of the Croatian university textbook in positive psychology.

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Free Preview. One of the few books that brings together European researchers in positive psychology Presents research in Positive Psychology from different cultures see more benefits.

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Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book This book brings together the latest research on positive psychology from an international cast of researchers and particularly from the growing body of European researchers. Show all.

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