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Elastoplasticity Theory av Koichi Hashiguchi.

Elastoplasticity Theory

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Contents Recent advancements in the performance of industrial products and structures are quite intense. Consequently, mechanical design of high accuracy is necessary to enhance their mechanical performance, strength and durability. The basis for their mechanical design can be provided through elastoplastic deformation analyses. For that reason, industrial engineers in the fields of mechanical, civil, architec- ral, aerospace engineering, etc.

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Numerous books about elastoplasticity have been published since "Mathema- cal Theory of Plasticity", the notable book of R. Presents a comprehensive overview of elastoplasticity Provides coverage of basic concepts as well as the recent state of elastoplastic constitutive relations see more benefits.

Theory of plasticity 1

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An interpretation of subloading tij model in the context of conventional elastoplasticity theory

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