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Pseudo code: Bubble sort algorithm 3m 2s. The Big O notation 3m 26s. Using Big O notation: Examples 4m 41s. Comparison of running times 4m 2s. Basic Sorting and Search Algorithms. Selection sort 2m 48s. Selection sort: Pseudocode 2m 34s. Introduction to insertion sort 1m 56s. Applying insertion sort algorithm to cue balls 2m 8s. Insertion sort: Pseudocode 2m 38s. Stable vs. Searching elements in an unordered array 3m 16s. Searching elements in an ordered array 2m 33s. Searching elements in an ordered array continued 5m 48s.

Inserting and deleting items in an ordered array 2m 8s. Sorting any type of object 1m 33s. Linked Lists. What is a linked list? Implementing a linked list in Java 56s. Inserting a new node 5m 25s. Length of a linked list 2m 11s. Deleting the head node 2m 11s. Searching for an item 3m 11s.

Doubly ended lists 3m 5s. Inserting data in a sorted linked list 4m 38s. Doubly linked list 6m 28s. Insertion sort revisited 10m 32s. Stacks and Queues. Stacks 2m 41s. Abstract data types 37s. Implementing stacks using arrays 3m 21s. Queues 2m 32s. Queues using arrays 5m 29s. Double-ended queues 1m 58s. Double-ended queues using arrays 4m 20s.

[] JGraphT -- A Java library for graph data structures and algorithms

Introduction 4m 32s. Understanding recursion 3m 4s. Tail recursion 2m 48s. Tower of Hanoi 8m 24s. Tower of Hanoi: Implementation 2m 58s. Merge sort 4m 9s. Merge sort: Pseudocode 4m 24s. Merge step: Pseudocode 4m 32s.

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Time complexity of merge sort 2m 52s. Binary Search Trees. The tree data structure 3m 41s.

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, 6th Edition

Binary trees 3m 34s. Binary search trees 2m 1s. Finding an item in a binary search tree 2m 24s. Implementing the find method 3m 2s. Inserting an item in a binary search tree 3m 34s. Deleting an item: Case 1 6m 5s. Deleting an item: Case 2 2m 58s.

Data Structures: Trees

Deleting an item: Case 3 3m 44s. Deleting an item: Soft delete 1m 40s. Finding smallest and largest values 2m 33s. Tree traversal: In order 3m 19s.

Tree traversal: Pre order 1m 58s. Tree traversal: Post order 56s. Unbalanced trees vs. Height of a binary tree 1m 34s. Time complexity of operations on binary search trees 2m 16s. More Sorting Algorithms. Introduction 1m 27s. Quicksort 4m 53s.

Data Structure Index

Quicksort: The partition step 2m 21s. Shell sort 5m 27s. Shell sort example 3m 28s. Counting sort 4m 50s. Radix sort 2m 27s. Bucket sort 3m 11s. Introduction 4m 6s. Deleting the root 1m 53s. Inserting an item in a heap 1m 59s. Heaps as priority queues 2m 30s. Representing heaps using arrays 1m 55s. Heap sort 2m 30s. This is one of the free data structure and algorithm courses from Udemy for all those people who want to learn data structures from an absolute basic to advanced level.