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Lieberman , W. Forlines , A. Esenther , C.

An Introduction to Pixel-planes and other VLSI-Intensive Graphics Systems

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dblp: ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 31

Vassilakis , E. Lecolinet , W.

  • Volume 4, Number 2, April 1985;
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Is paper safer? The role of paper flight strips in air traffic control , in: ACM Trans. Nancel , O. Pietriga , X. Yang , P. Irani , M. Nancel , E. Pietriga , O. Ngonga Ngomo , L. Unger , J.

Shearing numerical 2D transformations -Computer Graphics

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Mini Biography

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Kristensson , C. Our approach is twofolds. First, we design editing tools that process only the visible data, which is particularly useful for images that are large compared to the display. This encompasses a variety of cases such as multi-image panoramas and high-resolution medical data. While existing techniques cannot run at interactive rate when image size approaches or exceeds the gigapixel, our algorithms address this challenge by processing only the visible data and being highly data-parallel.

Second, we propose an adaptive way to set viewing parameters such brightness and contrast. We let the users set different parameter values for different locations and scales, thereby enabling the exploration of rendition of various subsets of these large images. We demonstrate the efficiency of our approach on different display and image sizes. Since the computational complexity to render a view depends on the display resolution and not the actual input image resolution, we achieve interactive image editing even on a 16 gigapixel image.

We present variance soft shadow mapping VSSM for rendering plausible soft shadow in real-time.

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Our new formulation allows for the efficient computation of average blocker distances, a common bottleneck in PCSS-based methods. Furthermore, we avoid incorrectly lit pixels commonly encountered in VSM-based methods by appropriately subdividing the filter kernel. We demonstrate that VSSM renders high-quality soft shadows efficiently usually over fps for complex scene settings. Its speed is at least one order of magnitude faster than PCSS for large penumbra.

We present an interactive system for the artistic control of visual phenomena visible on surfaces.

Volume 37, Number 1, January 2018

Our method allows the user to intuitively reposition shadows, caustics, and indirect illumination using a simple click-and-drag user interface working directly on surfaces. In contrast to previous approaches, the positions of the lights or objects in the scene remain unchanged, enabling localized edits of individual shading components. Our method facilitates the editing by computing a mapping from one surface location to another. Based on this mapping, we can not only edit shadows, caustics, and indirect illumination but also other surface properties, such as color or texture, in a unified way.

This is achieved using an intuitive user-interface that allows the user to specify position constraints with drag-and-drop or sketching operations directly on the surface.